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Hey Tribe,

My name is Alexa Young

The name is Jara ( Pronounced Jar- A ) like a jar of knowledge. Our journey started over 4 years ago, when I weighed over 240lbs.  Over the years our strong love of fitness became  a dedicated
practice! Some might call it an obession. We hope to share not only our love and dedication, yet also simple tips and tricks to get you motivated and obessed with your own self love and growth journey through fitness. Our goal is to help individuals realize that fitness is 100% mental and can be an all encompassing change of transformation of mind, body, and spirit.

It is a beautiful journey... We're here to guide you when you feel ready to start or restart!

To learn more about our journey click the " About Me" below

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Our Mission

Our goals within the community are to strengthen the individual physically, mentally, emotionally,  and socially. We achieve this through events and programs like, Fitness First ; our goal setting fitness program for children to help them understand  the importance of prioritizing health in their daily lives. Fun, Food, and Fitness; a modern take on a home education style cooking class. Where we teach families how to make meal time a learning experience. Divine Vibes: Dance Therapy;  Our dance fitness class that inspires free movement and greater understanding of body mechanics. Goddess & Divas: Unlocking Your Divine Feminie Potential; an all day fitness event designed specifically for women to give them much needed self care through fitness. Passionate Free Conversations over Tea;  an afternoon tea service bringing  hot topic health and wellness conversation. Books & Brunch; our meet  the author style networking events.

Our focus is to create a balance between Mind, body and soul and help individuals achieve optimal health. We love uplifting one individual at a time with our simple. effective and life- changing approach.

Be Healthy,
Be Happy

The time has come to take a Simple. Effective and Life Changing  action.


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This is my 1 month anniversary with The Tribe and When I tell you God place Ms Jara in my life at the right moment and time. Not only does she get your body on track she helps with the mental and spiritual as well. As women sometimes we forget to put ourselves first. We have to remember in taking care of our loves ones you have to have a healthy body and mind to CRUSH all those awesome goals we are working our way towards. Thank you Jara for help me get through one of the toughest times in my life. FYI I'm only doing virtual sessions as of right now. Can't wait to get back in the gym

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